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I had planned to release all of my old Blender/Filmer, Nuke, After Effects, Resolve and Hitfilm related scripts and stuff for free in a neat little bundle so that anyone could just download all of it and use it (no credit required but appreciated) but these Florida thunderstorms literally cooked my old spinning Hard disks... never leave your computer running during a thunderstorm. So all of that work is gone... gone in a puff of burning HD smoke. :(

I don't feel that I have the energy right now to start all over again and re-write all the old code and stuff... I am really not feeling it, I don't feel my heart and motivation is in that anymore so... I'm takin' a break there boss... takin' a long break.

So watch out for inclement weather and for the love of Pete... backup your work which was my worst mistake, I would never backup anything since 2008 when I bought my first computer.   

Frank                                                                                               01-19-2024

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