Jun 1

Installing addons with factory settings in Filmer v2.81


Edited: Jul 30


This is the first video in a series to get you started with Filmer as of July-30-19. No audio


Post any questions and suggestions below.



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  • Pretty much everything you need to know about exporting animated cameras and empties from Filmer to Hitfilm Pro. No audio so easy to follow and understand. Ask any questions below.
  • Filmer's built in "Auto Tiles" feature helps prevent Cuda time outs and out of Vram memory errors. Render Samples control "Auto Tiles" when auto tiles toggle is checked. Low Render Samples = large tile sizes. High Render Samples = small tile sizes. Combined viewport sample + render sample at final render with no fancy node compositing required. Both noise patterns rendering at the same time retain better detail at lower samples. Lower values = faster render time. Great with denoising. Render Samples: Render up to 4 x or higher than Blender 2.80 Cycles Higher values = less Cycles noise but longer render times. Viewport Samples: Distributes noise better across entire image. Higher values = Finer detail, less Cycles noise but longer render times.

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