Jun 3

Render faster with Filmer Samples.




Filmer's built in "Auto Tiles" feature helps prevent Cuda time outs and out of Vram memory errors.

Render Samples control "Auto Tiles" when auto tiles toggle is checked.

Low Render Samples = large tile sizes.

High Render Samples = small tile sizes.


Combined viewport sample + render sample at final render with no fancy node compositing required.

Both noise patterns rendering at the same time retain better detail at lower samples.

Lower values = faster render time. Great with denoising.


Render Samples: Render up to 4 x or higher than Blender 2.80 Cycles

Higher values = less Cycles noise but longer render times.


Viewport Samples: Distributes noise better across entire image.

Higher values = Finer detail, less Cycles noise but longer render times.

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