Jun 2

Current work in progress


Still have details to add and interior along with a little edge cleanup. Started it in 2.79 then took it over into filmer.





Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Wow. Your materials are on point.

Thank you. Probably going to work on it some more tonight. And the website additions are pretty sweet.

Added in a few more details and created a quick road and outdoor scene to give a render. The trees are just alpha cards (which is why they look flat) For the most part the car is done now after tightening up some body gaps and edges along with some material additions.



This is awesome work Stephen. Amazing looking materials.

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  • This was a quick modeling job of a "Lightsword" smh It was modeled in filmer and then uv unwrapped and only added limited texturing to it as it was my laptop so baking at 4k plus would have been a nightmare on it. The model was exported as an OBJ file, tried FBX but portions of the model despite being one piece was missing portions. https://youtu.be/NDXkWCozP3o

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