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Building and testing an all new Filmer 3.5.0

Some good news, I am most likely gonna start releasing Filmer for FREE pretty soon ya'll. :) Just gonna make sure that it works for Windows 10 because I'm trying out/testing on Windows 11 at the moment, in case there are any weird bugs and such. 
Frank  salinas                                         10-31-22

Something... something awesome is happening.

Had a Birthday Been creating Art for over 50 years
Cool stuff is happening and coming soon after almost a year of recovery... 

Frank Salinas                         8-17-22  -  8-21-22

Be back very soon with a new Filmer X 3.4.0 Alpha for Windows 11. Built with new enhanced features, tons of UI eye candy and other surprises.

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Frank will return, very soon, He is recovering from constant debilitating fevers caused by childhood Brain trauma, he nearly past away a few weeks ago but has been doing much better the past few days.
Thank you very much for your kindness and patience.

Courtney Parker                  11-25-21 - 12-26-21