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owmycgi was started in 2018 by a Traditional Fine Artist and a Snarky Mermaid,


I am Frank and I love creating awesome stuff with my art.

When I first began learning vfx, I simply wanted to create the best quality 3D assets possible.

This without getting technical, required a massive change in workflows which entails all kinds of new learning while discarding dated methods that were created for vfx hardware with much less power than we have today.

These days I can paint 3D textures at 32k which is pretty tough but can be done if needed. I normally paint 3D textures in Blender, Gimp and Krita with 4k brushes on a 16K UV atlas set with 16bit float pbr textures. I then scale the 16k textures down to a friendly 8k 16bit float texture which looks amazing in both Blender and Hitfilm Pro even at extreme close ups.

My 3D objects most certainly need to be custom built for use with other dedicated 3D apps along with Hitfilm Pro, otherwise we have a 50/50 chance that our 3D object will import properly into Hitfilm pro without errors which include, missing textures, merged material slots, un-labeled animation groups, inverted normals, no smoothing groups or hard edges.


Exporting a single 3D object over to Hitfilm Pro is pretty cool but what about an entire 3D scene created in Blender including not just the 3D object but also an animated or match moved camera with static or animated empties? What if the 3D object is animated, can we export that? Yes, we can export simple animations with empties as the source animation or we can use Alembic for much more complex deformations. I know this can be done because I've been doing it since 2013 but it was a long manual process so the problem was how to automate all of this complicated stuff and could it even be done?    

To accomplish this I learned to write python addons for Blender as well as building Blender from source code to semi automate most of the difficult exporting procedures involved when exporting entire Blender 3D scenes into Hitfilm Pro. By learning the coding side of vfx, I've come up with a possibly new way of 3D compositing in Hitfilm Pro.

To know more check out my demo videos but be warned, my workflows are non-linear so that I can easily and quickly go back and forth in the pipeline of my projects and make any changes. then pick up where I left off. This shows in my demo videos and could cause slight mental nausea but if you make it past that, have fun, learn something cool and be inspired to create awesome art. 

All we do in the simplest terms is, create or draw pixels then arrange them in a preset pattern and move them around the viewscreen. If that confuses you well... let me confuse you further.

Simplicity is the key and the overcomplicated mind cannot understand Simplicity, otherwise what's the origin point?

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