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Filmer to Hitfilm tutorials are on the way. 



Filmer Rc3: 7-20-19-a

Filmer is a custom Blender build from the source code of Rc3 Blender 2.80.0.

Filmer saves and opens projects as .blend files and is fully compatible with Blender 2.80.

Filmer is built to simplify and enhance Blender to HitFilm workflows. 

Updated with latest Rc3 Blender 2.80 7-26-2019.

Fixes possible bugs that crashes or prevents application startup in Rc2.


Filmer currently works only on Windows machines and has been built and tested on 

on Windows 10. 

There are plans for a Mac version of Filmer which requires funding. Donations 

can be made HERE


Getting started with Filmer videos. 



Recently added: As of 07-26-2019: Bug fixes and addon re-write for latest Blender master api changes.


You must un-install older Filmer addons and install the new addons bundled with Filmer.


Render up to 50% faster than past Filmer builds.

Added viewport render samples to final render which lowers the normal needed amount of render samples

required to render clean images when used along with Denoising. Great with still images and animations.


Material clean up panel. Deletes unused materials and merges duplicate materials into the original material.


Quad curve bridge modifier. Helps convert Blender text/curves/paths and svg logos

to much cleaner quad based topology. 


Updated the entire Hitfilm Tools panel with new operations.

Curves panel. Converts a mesh into curves and vice versa for a faster workflow.


Hitfilm exporters.

Hitfilm Pro Camera and Empty exporter.

Hitfilm Pro FBX exporter. Removed. We'll create presets instead. 

Hitiflm Pro OBJ exporter. Removed We'll create presets instead.

Use the official blender 2.8 FBX and OBJ exporters.


The following enhancements speed up render times up to 4x or more, than Blender 2.80.0

Viewport samples can be added to final render for faster cleaner renders when used with denoising.

Cycles code tweaks.

Auto cpu + gpu performance management.

Auto tile size. Best if used with "square samples"


Check out demos here.


Nothing to install as Filmer is portable and can be used on as many machines as you own without any restrictions. Simply run the Filmer .exe and activate the addons from user prefferances.

At the moment Filmer simply has up to 2x and in some cases up to 4x faster

render times than Rc3 Blender 2.80.


Purchasing Filmer Beta gets you 12 months of ALL Filmer updates within that period,

Including current addon updates along with any new addons created within that time period.


Other tools,

HitFilm presets and operations, animation, simulations and all kinds

of other tools for the simplest Blender to Hitfilm Pro workflows possible will be

added as development continues.


Currently Filmer enhanced Cylces rendering only works with

Nvidia cuda and AMD 4gig or higher graphics cards. 

Intel intigrated graphics work but depends on available ram.

Keep gear well ventilated and cool as Filmer will cause a raise

in cpu + gpu temperature during render time.

Nvidia cards render 1.5 to 4+ faster.

Amd cards render 10% to 20% faster.

Overclocking not needed or recomended as Filmer will 

automatically leverage available cpu and gpu power.


Warning: In BETA do not use for important work.

Filmer Rc3: 7-20-19-a

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