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Filmer to Hitfilm tutorials are on the way. 



Filmer v2.83 03-14-2020

Filmer is a custom Blender build from the source code of Blender 2.83.


Filmer saves and opens projects as .blend files and it can also open older Blender 2.79/2.80 files, however it is not recomended that you attempt to open a Filmer .blend file in an older release of Blender 2.79/2.80 because... Some of my tools are hard coded into Filmers c++ code which is not present in Blender 2.79/2.80 so not everything will work.


Filmer and bundled addons have been tested on a Windows 10 machine.

I have plans for a Mac version of Filmer but new gear is reqiured. Donations can be made here.


Getting started with Filmer videos. 


You must un-install older Filmer addons and install the new addons bundled with Filmer.

Make sure there are no lingering Addons in...

C:\Users\your pc name\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.83\scripts\addons

I've also updated a read me file so don't forget to read it.


Added: Initial support for Cuda + RTX rendering at the same time.

This feature is experimental but enables Cuda to render with Optix.

First load time at render or viewport render could take a minute depending on your

Cuda gpu, renders are normal speed after that.

I've only tested with Cuda cards but will test with an RTX video card that should arrive

in around two weeks. 

Note: We can't use CPU with RTX yet.


Added: Improved Sync Load times for unchanged scene objects during animation renders.

This slightly speeds up render times by 10+ seconds. The speed up depends on scene geometry and texture size. In Filmer I get a sync load time of 5 seconds for a 5+ million poly object during an f12 render or an animation render, where in official Blender 2.80, it takes 19+ seconds to sync and load the same mesh and then render.


Added: Light Groups. Will return after code refactor.

Render light sources as a seperate render pass.


Added: Automatic Compositing Node generator addon.

Includes Denoise node for render passes

includes Denoise node for light groups

Includes Denoise node for combining render passes with light groups

Works very well with built in Filmer AI denoiser and Optix.


Added: Automatic Shader node generator addon. Simple to use Mix, BSDF and Glass shaders that automatically use mesh data and image textures to eaily mix with other shaders.


Includes a node setup to help speed up and simply the 3D object export proccess to Hitfilm Pro, with materials, textures, mesh smoothing information, and animation groups.


inlcudes an improved mix shader that automatically uses mesh data and image textures to eaily mix with other shaders.


Includes two versions of improved BSDF shaders that also double as mix shaders for a faster workflow that automatically uses mesh data and image textures to eaily mix with other shaders..


Includes an improved Glass shader with built in Volume Density controls and Caustics, you can also plug in an image texture to break up the cuastics.


Added: Dithered Sobol, Will return after code refactor.

Added: Progressive Multi Jitter,

Added: Scrambling Distance, Will return after code refactor.

Added: Enhanced Adaptive Samples.

Super fast render with simple controls.


Added: Enhanced Render Samples.

Render 1.5 x and up to 10 x faster than official Blender release.


Added: Detail Samples.

Three levels of Detail.

Render 1.5 x and up to 10 x faster than official Blender release.



Viewport render samples to final render which lowers the normal needed amount of render samples

required to render clean images when used along with Denoising. Great with still images and animations.


Added: Adaptive tiles.

Better memory sync between Render Samples, and Render Tile size/ratio for slightly better cpu + gpu management and performance than before.


Updated 3d view Hitfilm Tools panels with faster code.

Quickly switch between Global Space and Local Space for better animation sync with Hitfilm.

Make smart per object type selections for crowded 3D scenes.


Manipulate single or multi object origin points like a pro with a single button for specific Hitfilm workflows.


Simple on/off toggle for X-ray, Wireframe and a custom shading mode.

Enhances the entire 3D asset creation process and helps visualize during animations. 


Bake actions and rigid body physics to keyframes, and or shapekeys in preperation for specific Hitfilm Workflows. More features coming soon.


Added: View, Flip, Unify normals and Remove Double Vertices.

Added: Convert Tris to Quads.

All while in object mode. 


Added: Curves to Mesh and vice versa. Best when used with the Filmer Bridge Modifier for quad based topology when creating Text, Logos, Hard Surface objects and Landscapes.


Added: Quad curve bridge modifier. Helps convert Blender text/curves/paths and svg logos

to much cleaner quad based topology. Can also be used to create quad based landscapes and hard surface objects.


Added: Prepare a single object or an entire 3D scene with automatic animation group generation for Hitfilm.


Added: Multi Export options for a single object or an entire 3D scene

right from the 3D view in the Hitfilm Tools panel.

Multi Export in OBJ, FBX, MA, ABC, HFCS, and VEGFXCS.

Tuts are on the way as these exporters reqiure specific operations.


Check out demos here.


Nothing to install as Filmer is portable and can be used on as many machines as you own without any restrictions. Simply run the Filmer .exe and activate the addons from user prefferances.


Optionally, don't forget the read me file as it has instructions on registering Filmer with 

Windows 10 Pro.

This will allow you to view saved Filmer .blend files as thumbnails with the Filmer logo and

also open a .blend file thumbnail with Filmer by double mouse click.  


Purchasing Filmer gets you 12 months of ALL Filmer updates within that period,

Including current addon updates along with any new addons created within that time period.


Other tools,

HitFilm presets and operations, animation, simulations and all kinds

of other tools for the simplest Blender to Hitfilm Pro workflows possible will be

added as development continues.


Currently Filmer enhanced Cylces rendering only works with

Nvidia Cuda, RTX and AMD 4gig or higher graphics cards. 

Intel intigrated graphics work but depends on available ram.

Keep gear well ventilated and cool as Filmer will cause a raise

in cpu + gpu temperature during render time.

Nvidia cards render up to 1.5 and up to 10x faster than official Blender release.

RTX cards render up to 1.5 x and up to 10 x faster than official Blender release.

Amd cards render 10% to 20% faster.

Overclocking not needed or recomended as Filmer will 

automatically leverage available cpu and gpu power.


Warning: In Pre-Release do not use for important work.

Filmer v2.83 03-14-2020

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