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NOTE:  The .hfcs was saved in HitFilm Pro 9. It wont open in older verisions of HitFilm Pro. You can still import the .obj and rig the model yourself.

Materials and textures have been tweaked in HitFilm Pro 9. Final result depends on you the artist.


One high poly mesh in .FBX and .obj with two 8K 16bit .exr texture sets and materials in two UV atlas.

Perfect for close up and midground shots, lite enough to instance or duplicate several times in your particle engine.


One low poly mesh in .FBX and .obj with two 2K 16bit .exr textures and materials in two UV atlas.

Optimized for background to midground shots and mass instancing or mass duplication in your 

particle engine. Easy to create massive background dog fights.


Included .exr texture maps [ per 3D mesh ] in two convenient UV atlas with no overlapping UVs.

Can be opened in any software that supports open .exr files. 


Diffuse/Albedo map


Specular map : Invert for Gloss/Rough/Metal


Normal map : Baked for use with HitFilm Pro 9 3D coordinate system.

In your dedicated 3D app, instead use the Displacement map.


Displacement map : For High Poly only.

Alternate use, Bake normal map x y z direction in Xnormal for your dedicated 3D apps coordinate system.


Easily import into your favorite 3D app via the provided .FBX and .obj files. 

You may need to relink the texture maps to the material slots but it is super easy, just load the same texture set into each material slot as everything shares a single UV Atlas.


Easily import into Hi